Így búcsúzkodott a Suits-stábja

Beküldte: Kanyecc 2019 September 3, 11:15-kor a(z) Kulisszák mögött témába.

Még nem ért véget a Suits 9. évadja, mivel hátra van 4 epizód a zárófelvonásból, de a stábtagok megkezdték a köszönetnyilvánítást a rajongóik felé az instagram oldalaikon. Amiket tálaltam a neten, azt mind összeszedtem nektek, hogy ne kelljen keresgélni. Nem is szaporítanám a szót, mutatnám, hogy mikről lenne szó.

A ‘tovább mögött’ tálaljátok ezeket!

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Warning: This is gonna be a long one. @iamsarahgrafferty @iamgabrielmacht @halfadams @rickehoffman #aaronkorsh #meghanmarkle In short, #family. If I were to pick a moment when I “knew”, it would be this one. The beginning and the end of life as we knew it. After our first season @netaporter did a runway fashion show inspired by @suits_usa fashion. Here we are all lined up afterwards. In the years since then the amount of LIFE that we have walked through together by holding hands, holding space or bearing witness from a distance is staggering. And until recently I felt like the college graduate that kept going home to do laundry and grab a good meal, until I found my way again. But now, Mom and Dad have sold the house, packed up the RV and are off to destinations unknown and I find myself at a loss. A bit untethered all over again. When I left This beautiful family the first time, I was not on social media. My thoughts were my own. My salute to the MOST delicious cast and crew, was wonderfully private, including hugs I can still feel. Today I say goodbye for the second and last time to all that made this show so very extraordinary. You know who you are. You will forever have my deepest love and respect. ❤️❤️ And if at all possible, could someone grab one of Harvey’s balls on the way out, for me??? Thanks!! #weveallleftthebuilding 🌟🌟💕 #onlyloveisreal Stop crying!! Cuz if you miss us you can #streamanyfuckingtime

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